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I provide window washing service for all types of homes and all types of windows. Here is a price sheet to give a ball park figure on thermal pane windows.

Window count range In/out Outside only
 1-20    $75   -  $120  $50    -   $90
 21-28  $100  -  $145  $70    -   $105 
 29-34   $120  -  $165  $85    -   $120
 35-50  $150  -  $190  $90    -   $135
 51-75  $175  -  $210  $100  -   $150
 76-90  $200  -  $240  $115  -   $170
 90-100  $225  -  $275  $120  -   $200
 100 & up  On site bid    On site bid

These prices are meant as guide lines to give you a reasonable ball park price before I even come to your home, they are not set in stone. These prices do not include storms, or Colonial windows, a.k.a French windows. These windows take much more time to complete in a day. 

Extras & miscellaneous Pricing
Screens $1 - $2  each

$1  - $2  per side   A set of storms usually are $4.00

French $.50 each is a typical price  $.25 - $.75  per piece
 Sky lights  $5  -  $15 per side $25  in/out max  price
 Tracks  Free
 Frames  $2 per frame
 Wells  $ 15 - $30
 Scraping  $ 3 - $5

Initial Window Cleaning:When windows are not cleaned on a regular basis, or have never been cleaned, we use the industry term called “initial window cleaning.”When windows are caked on with dirt they require more work and time. In some cases the windows have to be washed three and even four times before they have that special sparkle. Since the windows can take three to four times longer the first initial cleaning a flat rate is applied for the time it takes to complete the job. When you have routine window washing you can expect to pay less per cleaning because the job time is much shorter the next visit. Typically most people who get this service have it done twice a year for window washing and that's the same for gutters too. Remember Spring and Fall give me a call.

Window Washing Commercial

The first thing that a customer sees is your windows. When you have clean windows it sets the tone that the entire building is clean! If you think I'm good in your home watch me on commercial properties. I'm able to handle 1 to 5 stories for any type of window size and shape.

Pricing for commercial glass is something I do in person. However, if you send me pictures of your business I would be more than happy to give you an exact quote over the phone. Make sure I can see every window you want done in the picture(s) so I can be accurate and price accordingly. You can send me pictures via email, or even on my business cell phone.

Of course I have insurance for commercial property just like I do for residential. My agent is happy to fax you a copy with one simple phone call.

If you have any questions please fill free to call. I love to answer questions.


Contact information: (630) 901-1071


Hire the best I will take care of the rest!

Spring & Fall, give me a call!

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